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    fabioriccardi (giovedì, 20 maggio 2010 15:12)


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    Mrcadillrock (lunedì, 13 dicembre 2010 01:00)

    anche il tuo mr.fabios .....:)))) ricambio la visitaaa...........

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    arthur (martedì, 07 luglio 2015 01:03)


    I am Arthur Costa and I'm best known for Mr.Costa and am Visual Artist. I like to explore new areas including photography, experimental video, installation, performence. I have the opinion that the role of art undergoes turn the emotions of the viewer to the artist's work and everything that is engaging. And so my work has developed in the viewer's emotions, and that is the most important, I explore various aesthetic providing an emotional experience through art. I'm currently looking for a partner to help me in the promotion of my work, market opportunities, creating visibility strategies, etc, because due to the fact that I'm not a known in the market right now I'm having a lot of difficulties asserting myself as a visual artist in spite of my work have had national projection through a national portuguese television and various national newspapers.

    I send one of my works for you to have an idea of what I do:!em-excesso-lucidez-loucure-se/c20c3